Animax launches branded entertainment division


Mumbai: Animax Entertainment, a broadband Emmy-winning multiplatform entertainment studio, and Toronto-based digital entertainment studio Unplugged TV have announced the launch of a new joint venture–Animax Unplugged, a Branded Entertainment division.
Animax Unplugged brings together two notable members of the entertainment community, Dave Thomas and Richard D’Alessio. Thomas is an established actor, writer and director, while D’Alessio is a sought-after commercial director with three Cannes Lions to his credit.
"Brands are well-aware that traditional advertising tactics are losing effectiveness. Animax Unplugged creates the perfect union by melding entertainment, branding, and interactive experiences," says Animax COO Tim Jones.
Animax Unplugged’s value proposition is unique–first, focus on creating engaging original branded content and second, use a 360-approach to distribution including interactive campaigns such as casual games, Facebook applications, iPhone applications, and widgets to fully support the engagement.
"Our philosophy is simple — by creating truly engaging content we can transform individuals within a target demographic into product evangelists and brand ambassadors," states Jones.