AOL’s Platform-A debuts iPhone ad optimization solution


Mumbai: AOL has launched the mobile industry’s most robust and far-reaching solution for targeting advertising to iPhone users. Offered through Third Screen Media, Platform-A’s mobile ad-serving platform and network, the solution detects and delivers optimized ads on iPhones browsing the Web. Platform-A,, is AOL’s digital advertising business.

When an iPhone user is browsing sites within the Third Screen Media mobile network, the web network, or any of AOL’s leading media properties, Third Screen Media’s targeting technology will serve an ad specifically optimized for viewing on an iPhone. In addition to optimizing ads for the iPhone, Third Screen Media can redirect iPhone users to special versions of marketers’ sites that are optimized for the iPhone experience.

"The launch is a perfect example of how Platform-A’s unmatched reach, solutions and technologies can benefit advertisers trying to reach consumers in the most compelling way," said Platform-A president Lynda Clarizio. "We can not only help advertisers effectively reach iPhone users on WAP pages and Web pages, but we can also deliver banners optimized for display on the iPhone."

Platform-A’s iPhone optimization technology follows the release of its third-party ad-serving solution that allows mobile publishers to access multiple networks. The solution also features an inventory partitioning tool that allows publishers to assign specific percentages of their inventory to be allocated based on any combination of ad network, subject area, location and more.