APM Music and Jeff Rona release film trailer music library


MUMBAI: APM Music, a provider of production music for use in film, television, radio, games and new media, has launched LiquidCinema, its new film trailer music library created by award-winning film composer and music producer Jeff Rona.

"Jeff and his team of accomplished co-composers have created a top-quality music library for scoring film trailers and TV promos. The library is structured with the style and formulas most utilized in motion picture advertising. The LiquidCinema music library is written with an enormous amount of emotion and each track conveys its own unique feeling. There are a wide range of beginning, middle and end tracks with back-ins, remixes, alternate versions, drones, hits, stings, and variations for simple editing," said APM Music president Adam Taylor.

Rona’s work writing for APM Libraries in the past has lead him to develop LiquidCinema, which marks his entrée into producing and organizing a complete trailer library. He is also the author of the very popular book 

"The Liquid Cinema music library has been carefully written and arranged to provide music in shorter sections that move an audience through visuals with a sense of immediacy and musicality; no single track tries to tell the entire story. All too often, music supervisors must carve out and separate a specific musical passage from a longer cue, which is unnecessarily time consuming. LiquidCinema cues are concise and focused, so cues can be easily edited or mixed together to work in a wide range of circumstances. Working with live orchestra, singers, drummers, and instrumentalists, and with world class movie score engineer James T. Hill at the console made our tracks sound simply brilliant," says Rona.

During the two years spent developing the new trailer music library, Rona met with dozens of top music supervisors and trailer editors for feedback. He saw the need for music that works with the modern montage approach to trailer and promo music, while providing deep emotion to the narrative elements. The initial 6-volume boxed set contains the following key trailer categories: Cinematic Apocalypse, Cinematic Action & Adventure, Cinematic Emotions & Drama, Cinematic Contemporary Action, Cinematic Horror & Suspense and Cinematic Hip-Hop: Dramatic urban beats.