Barco delivers first commercial dual 4K DLP cinema projection system


MUMBAI: Barco is bringing to life an immersive, giant-screen movie experience for patrons at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science providing two of its brightest projectors in a double-stack configuration, which marks another industry first for the company.

Debuting at a theater for partners D3D Cinema, Dolby and Barco, the system features two DP4K-32B projectors, digital surround sound, and a five-story matte white screen designed to maximize projector brightness.

“We’re  proud to be partnered with Barco on this  installation. With Barco’s 4K projectors filling the screen canvas, coupled with premium Dolby 3D technology, we will provide a 3D experience unsurpassed in quality and immersion,” said D3D Cinema president and founder Don Kempf.

Barco’s 4K projectors feature industry-leading brightness, ensuring reliable, consistent and compelling image quality. The first and only DCI-compliant DLP Cinema® Enhanced 4K projector on the market, the DP4K-32B is the brightest digital cinema projector in the world and is built using DLP Cinema technology, which has been awarded a Motion Picture Academy award for color accuracy. Barco’s best-in-class efficient optical design and patented engine cooling system result in the lowest  cost of ownership of digital cinema projector on the market. This suite of projectors is  modular, permitting easy serviceability to  minimize operating costs.