Barco & Kodak sign worldwide digital projector supply deal


MUMBAI: Digital cinema projection technology company Barco has signed a supply agreement with Kodak. Under the terms of the agreement, Barco could deliver up to 10,000 digital cinema projectors to support Kodak’s worldwide digital cinema deployment.

Barco and Kodak have entered into this supply agreement to provide exhibitors fully integrated digital cinema solutions. These include high quality Barco digital cinema projectors combined with Kodak digital screen management servers and theatre management systems.

“We are proud to have been selected by Kodak; this is the continuation of a long-term relationship. Our modular design and complete family of projectors provide Kodak with the total cost of ownership and superior image quality required for worldwide audiences,” said Barco digital cinema business vice president Wim Buyens.

“Barco has a long-term commitment to high quality projection technology in digital cinema. We are already working with them in a number of multiplexes in the United States and beyond. By combining Barco’s capabilities with ours, we can jointly provide a complete solution to the marketplace. This new agreement will be a good fit for both companies and for our customers worldwide,” said Kodak Digital Cinema chief operating officer Les Moore.

Barco digital cinema business US vice president Todd Hoddick added, “We are pleased to partner with Kodak on this worldwide deal. We have been very focused on delivering value to our customers, and that fits perfectly with Kodak’s customer focus and commitment to quality.”

Barco has developed a modular digital cinema projector platform offering a cost effective solution for every screen size. Barco has launched a Certified Service Partner program to establish a worldwide support network with the highest quality local service and support. As part of the supply agreement, Kodak technicians will also participate in the Barco Certified Service Partner program.

All of Barco’s digital cinema projectors are based on the pioneering DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments.