Barco signs digital cinema contract with Zhejiang Time Cinema


MUMBAI: Barco has signed a major contract for the deployment of 100 digital cinema system for Zhejiang Time Cinema, China’s seventh largest cinema chain.


Zhejiang Time Cinema World Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Film Co. The company serves as an inter-provincial cinema chain whose operations include the distribution business of films both in and outside Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Time Cinema is the leader in the province, accounting for some 64% of the market; its business extends to nearby regions, including Shanghai, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces.


The contract calls for the deployment of Barco’s Series 2 digital cinema projector family, including the extremely bright DP2K-32B and the compact DP2K-20C and 12C projectors. "Having previously used Barco projectors, we are very familiar with their solutions’ extremely high quality and the company’s quick response service program. Our order for 100 projectors shows how truly confident we are in Barco as both a solution provider and business partner in our rapid growth," says Zhejiang Time Cinema’s technical director Zheng Jintian.


"We are excited in launching Barco’s next generation 2K Digital cinema projector line. Equipped with the latest DLP Cinema chip, the new DP2K-series offers the brightest and most cost-effective projection solution available on the market today. We are delighted to be installing the new series II projectors with Zhejiang Time Cinema as this contract honors our continued efforts developing innovative products and solutions," says Barco Greater China manager director Yan Fei.


Featuring the latest DLP Cinema Chip from Texas Instruments, the DP2K-32B is Barco’s flagship projector — the brightest digital cinema projector in the industry, suitable for screens up to 32m wide. With new lenses, a new optical design, the industry’s most efficient 6.5kW lamp and a remarkable maximum screen width, the DP2K-32B, truly exemplifies the company’s leadership in image quality.


The DP2K-20C is Barco’s digital cinema platform for large and mid-market venues. It delivers remarkable brightness without sacrificing resolution, features a modular design optimized for serviceability and overall system flexibility. The DP2K-20C is suitable for screens up to 20m and is also the most cost-effective 3D projector on the market today. The DP2K-12C is the perfect projector for small venues, allowing even the smallest cinemas — screens up to 12m — to have access to digital cinema, at an affordable price.