Blockbuster on Demand available on Philips Blu-ray players


Mumbai: The latest Philips Blu-ray players will feature Blockbuster on Demand, expanding ways in which Blockbuster provides consumers with instant access to movies.

"With Blu-ray, consumers can experience a cinema-like quality in the comfort of their living room," said P&F senior vice president of sales and marketing Todd Richardson. "Philips Blu-ray players, combined with Blockbuster on Demand, offer consumers a one-of-a-kind home theatre experience with the added convenience of not having to run out to rent a movie."

"Blockbuster on Demand gives customers instant access to the latest new releases on the same day as DVD and Blu-ray. Thus you can enjoy the latest movies or cinema classics and we are excited to enhance that experience," said Blockbuster on Demand senior vice president and general manager Bruce Anderson.

The Blockbuster on Demand service provides comprehensive on-screen search and browsing capabilities, as well as full details, ratings, trailers, and other information about each movie directly on the television.