Blockbuster premieres Jackass 2.5


MUMBAI: Blockbuster Inc., a global provider of in-home movie and game entertainment, has exclusively selected Limelight Networks (the content delivery network (CDN) for digital media) and Microsoft Silverlight to provide the technical streaming capabilities for the first studio-backed feature streamed in its entirety — Jackass 2.5 — to be distributed directly online by Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment, MTV New Media group from MTV Networks and Blockbuster.

Available for free, courtesy of Blockbuster, at its website from 19 – 31 December, 2007, the U.S. online distribution of Jackass 2.5, an event made possible by the recent acquisition of Movielink by Blockbuster Inc., leverages the power of Limelight Networks’ CDN and Microsoft Silverlight.

Blockbuster Inc., chief information officer, Keith Morrow said, “This ground-breaking event underscores our commitment to providing customers with convenient access to media entertainment, whether it’s through our stores, the mail or through new technologies. Combining the CDN performance and scalability of Limelight Networks with the power of Microsoft Silverlight should deliver a compelling and high-quality viewing experience to online viewers of Jackass 2.5.”

The release of Jackass 2.5 taps into a market which is believed to be a driving force for online digital media consumption today. In search of the right solution to power the movie premiere, Blockbuster turned to Limelight Networks and Microsoft as two leaders in online media delivery.

“Blockbuster is taking a great step forward in making Hollywood digital. Using Silverlight for this initiative will provide consumers with an outstanding, high-quality experience in online entertainment,” Microsoft Corp, group product manager in the developer division, Brian Goldfarb.

“Blockbuster is making history by driving the studio-backed release of Jackass 2.5 to an audience whose lifestyles are continually influenced by the latest online innovations. Limelight Networks’ infrastructure was built for these types of large, rich media streaming events. Coupled with our strong relationship with Microsoft and its leading-edge Silverlight platform, Blockbuster could not have a better solution and team supporting this project and helping them in their efforts to deliver a dynamic entertainment adventure to consumers,” Limelight Networks, senior vice president of products, marketing and sales, Dave Hatfield.
Streaming Jackass 2.5 is open to anyone in the U.S. Available from 19-31 December one can access the website and download the free Microsoft Silverlight media player to watch the movie for free.