Blog aids TV fans speak for striking Hollywood writers

MUMBAI: The networks have walked away again from negotiating a fair deal with the on digital media earnings and TV viewers continue to miss their favorite shows, but now fans have a chance to speak their minds to network executives. Firedoglake, the influential progressive blog, has launched a special web site — — along with an ad campaign supported by the top progressive blogs and entertainers to give fans a voice in the strike.

At the site, viewers can select their favorite shows and send the moguls personal messages in support of the Writers Guild of America.

Firedoglake, Founder, Jane Hamsher stated, “We’re delighted to be able to use our technology to help TV fans connect with the network executives responsible for their favorite shows. It’s wonderful that people who believe work should be rewarded are coming together to support the union and the writers.”

Firedoglake regularly discusses union and media consolidation issues, bringing together progressive activists, consumers, union members and leaders as well as political influentials. This new campaign is the first major expression of a growing, unified campaign of Americans who want to push back on corporate greed and the union busting tactics of crisis communicators like Chris Lehane whose tactics are eerily reminiscent of the red-baiting of the 1950’s.

Firedoglake has organized participation from other leading blogs and entertainment web sites including Daily Kos, Raw Story, Crooks and Liars, Democratic Underground, AlterNet, Down with Tyranny and Digby.

Firedoglake, one of the leading progressive blogs, is best known for its coverage of the Valerie Plame case and liveblogging of the Scooter Libby trial. FDL features energetic reporting on the leading issues of the day and features weekly Book Salons with such authors as Keith Olberman, John Dean, Naomi Klein and Paul Krugman. As one of the participating blogs in the Blue America Pac, FDL readers helped rise over $500,000 for progressive candidates in 2006 and has already risen over $250,000 for “08 congressional candidates.