Bluefly to promote Touchstone Pictures & Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ movie


MUMBAI: In a major promotion of the new motion picture Confessions of a Shopaholic from Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films, online retailer Bluefly has rolled out an integrated online marketing campaign to support the film’s release. The film is slated to release on 13 February

Bluefly will bring together its customers, followers of the celebrated book series, and fans of the film to participate in an in-depth experience that brings the glamour of the film’s fashions and characters to life.

As a first for any major entertainment brand, Bluefly will be organically integrated into the film’s online marketing including hosting of the official Confessions of a Shopaholic website at The site will be imbedded into’s layout and framework.

"Bluefly is a wonderful collaborator for this film. We’re very excited by the potential of this program to resonate with our audiences in especially creative ways," said Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures president Jim Gallagher.

"Supporting Confessions of a Shopaholic was a natural fit for us. Our customers consider Bluefly the ultimate destination for the latest in fashion and pop culture and the Shopaholic audience is clearly cut from the same cloth. We’re so excited to be able to offer a truly immersive experience both on-air and online for the fashionistas of the world to literally `buy’ into the movie with a single click on," said Bluefly CEO Melissa Payner.

As part of these promotional efforts, Bluefly will begin a run of targeted co-branded TV commercials that will debut on 15 January through the film’s release.

Additionally, Bluefly will collaborate with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures to create online fashion experiences launching this week on the official co-branded site. The "Rebecca’s Closet – Get That Look" feature allows users to explore the unique fashions created for the film, discover costume designer Pat Field’s inspiration for the items, and instantly shop for similar clothing and accessories within the Bluefly store.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures will also spearhead a social media experience within the FaceBook social networking site where visitors will be able to engage in multi-level activities with Bluefly clothing items and accessories. The "Shopaholic Magazine" Facebook application is an extension of the popular "gifting" function within FaceBook that gives users the opportunity to buy, collect, gift, and borrow virtual items that can actually be found and purchased on Bluefly.