Bollywood II, the Sequel from Train Chartering

Train Chartering has provided railway, station and train locations for its second Bollywood film production.

Following on from the successful shoot in April, Train Chartering recently sourced and managed the unlimited use of a railway with a station and a train – this time with just 24 hours notice – for Manish Nair, UK Line Producer for film Dil Diya Hai (a Bollywood feature film staring Emraan Hashmi and Ashmit Patel) from Candy Films Ltd / Cine Vision Entertainment Ltd.

The director had a complete train with realistically modern carriages and a locomotive in the colours of the UK’s largest locomotive supplier. The railway had plenty of unit parking. The crew and actors were able to work safely without interruption on this private railway.

Simon Pielow from Train Chartering said: “We were able to follow our first Bollywood production with another success, especially with only one day’s notice. Modesty apart, I don’t believe anyone else in the rail industry could have provided such a service in so short a time.”

Manish Nair said: “Once again, I am very pleased how Train Chartering managed our last minute request, and would like to specially thank Simon and all the staff of Train Chartering for their extended support and cooperation in arranging us an amazing location for the shoot. The director, Aditya Dutt, was completely satisfied with the day and its results.”
Rajesh Thakker, Production Manager from Silver Screen Production House (India) who was present on the location while filming, said “I am amazed to see Train Chartering could arrange such a beautiful location in less than 24 hours, even in India it is not possible at such short notice.”

Train Chartering has a growing list of credits: Manchild, The Passer By and Derailed for the BBC; Ultimate Force & Ditch the Bitch for ITV; If Only and Green Street Hooligans for independent film productions; Nenjil Jil Jil and now Dil Diya Hai for Candy Films Ltd / Cine Vision Entertainment.

These productions required a mix of rail locations: a Train running on the main line railway, filming time at platforms on a modern station, filming time in a rail depot and now two private railway locations. Train Chartering also road-hauled a carriage to a non-railway site on one occasion.

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