Bond’s Casino Royale to feature Smirnoff

MUMBAI: James Bond and Smirnoff Vodka are back again with Casino Royale, which will release in India in December 2006. This product placement associated goes as far back in time as 1962 when Dr. No was released.

In the movie, the villain hands Sean Connery a “Martini, shaken not stirred” made with Smirnoff. This moment in film literally changed the way martini drinkers made their cocktails, shifting from the traditional gin to a vodka-based drink and popularising the vodka martini the world over.

After a four year hiatus, Bond will return to the screen in the upcoming EON Productions and Sony Pictures Entertainment production of Casino Royale.

“True to its essence Smirnoff has always believed in providing its consumers with unique and appealing experiences and through this new James Bond movie we plan on extending its experience to many more responsible consumers,” says Diageo India Pvt. Ltd director marketing Santosh Kanekar.

“The James Bond and Smirnoff brands have gone hand in hand for more than 40 years, and throughout our rich history together, we have both remained true to our roots – clearly original. Today, Bond is as much a part of Smirnoff’s history as Smirnoff is of Bond’s – and we’re delighted to be part of this latest chapter,” he added.

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