Boy George seeks new artists, DJs to collaborate on dance track


MUMBAI: A pop icon synonymous with creative collaboration from his early days as lead singer of the 1980s group Culture Club to his current work with David Hoyle (The Divine David), Boy George has turned to Talenthouse to identify artists from around the world to help finalize his new dance track Yes We Can.

Talenthouse is a new global creative platform for artists, providing opportunities for creative collaboration, recognition and compensation.

"The idea is to bring together different creative entities, people that may want to work together or inspire others, which is why I’m involved with Talenthouse. If Talenthouse had been around in the early eighties, I would have totally been involved in it then too. The Internet is definitely changing the way people promote themselves. The music industry has changed drastically for a lot of artists, even people like me who are established. You can no longer rely on the ordinary processes of releasing records," said Boy George.

Boy George is taking advantage of Talenthouse’s Artist Invite to discover new talent to collaborate with on his upcoming track. Artist Invites provide opportunities for artists to collaborate with one another on a wide range of projects. Anyone who is a member of the Talenthouse community can extend an Artist Invite to participate on projects ranging from designing a logo to composing music to producing or performing in a film or video. The Talenthouse community then offers their input by voting on the ideas they like best.

Using the Talenthouse Artist Invite, Boy George has made an a capella version of his track "Yes We Can" available on Talenthouse and invited artists to create a club dance mix for the track. The five artists who receive the highest number of votes from the Talenthouse community will present their ideas and tracks to Boy George. From this group, Boy George will choose the artist with whom he will collaborate to finalize the track.

Talenthouse members can submit their original club dance mixes of Yes We Can, until 15 September, 2009 for consideration. Boy George will announce the winner on 1 October, 2009. All members and fans of the creative community can sign up for a free account at