Brandon always wanted to be superhero

Brandon Routh’s parents are convinced he was destined to become Superman, because he started practicing to be the superhero from a young age. Routh’s dad Ron says the 26-year-old spent hours glued to Christopher Reeve in the first Superman films, avidly collected the comic books and regularly dressed as the Man of Steel and acted out superhero stunts.

Ron Routh reveals, “When he was a little boy he would pretend to fly off our porch. He was obsessed. He would try and make everything fly, and would throw his toy cars up in the air. You could say he was in training. “Superman was his favourite superhero. He had the comics and loved watching the film. He used to say: ‘Mum, I would love to be able to do what he does.

“It was such a shock when he got the part. But when you see him in those blue tights and with the big ‘S’ on his chest, he looks great, and it’s then I realise my Brandon really is Superman.”

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