Bravado is exclusive merchandiser for iconic superstar Michael Jackson


MUMBAI: Music merchandising company Bravado has entered into an agreement with the estate of Michael Jackson to be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of merchandise for one of the most successful, prolific and iconic artists of all time, Michael Jackson.

The announcement was made by Estate of Michael Jackson co-special administrators John Branca and John McClain along with Bravado CEO Tom Bennett.

This new agreement builds upon the deal already in place between Bravado and AEG Live that placed Bravado as the exclusive merchandiser for Jackson’s tour at The 02 arena in London. With this new deal, which has been done directly between the Estate and Bravado, the company will now exclusively create, market and distribute the majority of Michael Jackson-related products on a global basis.

"Bravado is the perfect partner for the Estate on Michael Jackson merchandise. The reputation of Tom and his team for creating compelling merchandise and providing strong product support is stellar. We are delighted to be working with them," said Branca and McClain.

"We are thrilled to expand our services to become the exclusive merchandiser for Michael Jackson-related products. Creating this new line alongside Michael was a privilege of a lifetime; it truly celebrates Michael’s unmistakable style and irreplaceable talent, and helps commemorate and preserve the legacy that is Michael Jackson," added Bennett.

The new extensive collection of over 200 premium items, which is the only official line of Michael Jackson merchandise available to the public, includes items created in collaboration with the late singer. It is available worldwide through, as well as through retailers as Hot Topic, Target, Old Navy and JCPenney, among many others.