Bruce Campbell movie to be released by Bifrost Distribution

Littleton,CO: Bifrost Distribution, LLC, has acquired the rights to distribute one of Bruce Campbell’s earliest movies on DVD in the US and Canada.

Back in 1982, not long after completing The Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell began work on his second feature film: Going Back. Going Back was not a horror film or a comedy. t was a drama, a bittersweet coming-of-age movie. It premiered to good reviews, played in several film festivals and was picked up by Vestron for home video distribution…and then was lost to the world.

Unbeknown to writer/director Ron Teachworth, Vestron was close to bankruptcy at the time Going Back was released on VHS tape. When Vestron folded, distribution rights to the movie were sold and resold as part of Vestron’s huge library of movies. There were no further home video releases and only random reports of television screenings. Going Back became the rarest of all Bruce Campbell’s feature films. Most diehard Bruce Campbell fans have never seen it.

But Going Back is rare in another way. It certainly shows Bruce Campbell’s mischievousness and irrepressiblehumor. But Going Back shows a depth to Bruce’s acting skills that he has rarely been given the opportunity demonstrate.

In 1984 Peter Ross of The Detroit News wrote: “Brice and Clee are nice kids…. It is impossible not to like them, just as impossible not to identify with them. In its modest way, Going Back makes a deep and moving impression; it’s an admirable little picture that demonstrates the talents of all involved, and it deserves wider exposure."

Ron Teachworth agreed with Peter Ross. After the distribution rights to Going Back reverted to him, Ron began working on a DVD version. During a visit to Michigan, Bruce Campbell joined Ron and cinematographer John Prusak in recording a full-length commentary track. Ron compiled other extras for the DVD and began marketing the movie to distributors. Finally Trygve Lode, the owner of Bifrost Distribution, LLC, agreed to rescue Going Back from oblivion and bring it out on DVD. The release is scheduled for this winter.

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