BSAT Labs to offer Match Move & Roto Services for stereo conversion


MUMBAI: BSAT labs LLC one of the major 2D to 3D Stereo conversion companies in the United States, will now offer Roto and Match Move services to 3D conversion houses and Studios.

BSAT Labs LLC recently announced opening of a new Visual affects facility in Bogota, Colombia that will support Match Move services primarily for 3D conversion houses.

“The idea is to offer cost savings, Match Move is one of the most time consuming aspects of Stereo conversion and can be very expensive if done in the US. Match Move is a major part of Stereo conversion, it is time consuming because it needs to be very accurate otherwise you get terrible stereo conversion. We have hired and trained artists with several years of Visual Effects and Match Move experience who have worked on Feature films,” said Yusuf Broachwala, President, BSAT labs LLC.

This new offering by BSAT Labs LLC will reduce the cost of Stereo conversion by at least 30 to 40 per cent.

In addition to Match Move BSAT Labs also offers Roto services, another very time consuming process, through their partner in Chennai, India.

The intent is to bring down the cost of stereo conversion where it can very affordable and eventually making it easy to bring 3D converted content for TV.