CDNetworks to provide Green Digital Cinema in North America


MUMBAI: New York-based Emerging Pictures has selected CDNetworks to provide the low-cost delivery of large HD-file downloads for its 100% green data delivery platform, enabling a new technology and business model for cinema.

Emerging Pictures provides its Emerging Cinemas theater network with carbon-neutral cinema distribution to high-definition projection systems, housed in 65 prestigious commercial and non-profit art house cinemas, museums, performing arts centers, art cinemas, media art centers, and restored movie palaces in North America, with plans for global expansion.

Emerging Pictures uses its data-delivery platform with high-speed data lines to deliver HD-quality films to high-definition projection systems. CDNetworks provides the network infrastructure and the file delivery technology to economically deliver the large HD-file downloads, in both 720p and 1080p. The files are sent in one-of-three high-quality, yet compact, HD-file formats – MPEG2 HD, VC-1 HD, and .264 HD. Leased broadband lines deliver the files directly to servers, located at the theaters, where the files are rendered and delivered to high-quality HD-cinema projectors. Emerging’s approach is totally carbon neutral, using no petroleum-based 35mm film prints, no carbon-consumed shipping of heavy 35mm film canisters, and the most eco-friendly and economical film delivery platform available.

Emerging Cinemas is the partner of choice for specialty-film distributors who need a cost-effective, carbon-neutral means of sending HD-quality files to communities in search of high- quality cinema programs. Emerging has secured North American digital cinema distribution rights to the prestigious La Scala Operas, Salzburg Festival, Glyndebourne Operas, and Bolshoi Ballet company performances. Pop Music artists presented include Bruce Springsteen, The Who, and The Smashing Pumpkins. The company also distributes top-end art house films from leading US and International cinema companies and films from governmental film agencies.

"To continue meeting the expectations of our venues and distribution partners, we needed to source a reliable, global, high-quality content network partner. Though CDNetworks had not been involved in similar cinema ventures before we started working together, we quickly came to the decision that their core competencies were well matched with both our current needs and future expansion plans," said Emerging Pictures chairman and founding partner Barry Rebo.

"Emerging Pictures is providing an exciting new, and socially responsible, means of delivering content to entertainment venues throughout North America. CDNetworks fully supports this new approach and is providing the robust network infrastructure, CDN technology, and economic model to enable Emerging’s rapid expansion and successful growth in North America and beyond," said CDNetworks International president Steve Liddell.