Christie surpasses 5,000 digital cinema milestone


Mumbai: Christie has surpassed the 5,000 digital cinema milestone, posting a record 5,197 completed installations worldwide just three years after launching the world’s largest digital cinema deployment plan.

"Surpassing the 5,000 milestone is a remarkable achievement, not only for Christie, but for the cinema industry itself. In 2005, there were only a handful of installations in the entire world and many people questioned the long-term viability of the move to digital. As the market faces more competition, it’s helping to drive innovation and we’re seeing interesting growth opportunity around the world. The long term prospects are strong and we look forward to maintaining a steady pace of installations for years to come," remarked Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. president and COO Jack Kline

Kline noted that Christie digital cinema contracts are marked by deployments on a large-scale, the first of which was the launch of the largest deployment in history – the 4,000-installation contract with Access Integrated Technologies, Inc. through the groundbreaking Christie/AIX funding plan. This agreement led to the fourth largest exhibitor in the United States to go digital in 100% of its screens, Carmike Cinemas, Inc with 2,300 screens.