Church official arrested in piracy crackdown


MUMBAI: A sacristan working at the Naples’ main cathedral (Duomo di Napoli) was arrested along with his son as part of an anti-piracy investigation carried out by the Fiscal Police (GdF) from Rome, who were acting with arrest warrants issued by the antimafia Public Prosecutor of Naples.

The case led to the arrest of 11 members of a criminal organisation, headed by a man the police refer to as “F.V.” from Naples, as well as the seizure of 143 burners, 14,000 pirated CDs and DVDs, 222,000 jewel boxes and 40,000 inlay cards.

The sacristan and his son were identified as the major suppliers to the organisation of downloaded music and movie pre-releases from internet. The alleged members of the criminal gang are facing a 400-count indictment.