Cinema staff recognised for preventing illegal camcording


MUMBAI: Today, following prompt action by frontline cinema staff that resulted in the 3 September arrest of a man illegally camcording the movie Orphan at the Festival Walk AMC Cinema, International Federation Against Copyright Theft – Greater China (IFACT-GC) executive director and general manager Sam Ho presented letters of appreciation to six members of staff and a reward of HK$2,000 to Lo Ka-ki, the assistant manager of the cinema.

The ceremony was held at AMC Cinema in Festival Walk and was witnessed by representatives from the movie distribution industry, including Hong Kong Theatres Association (HKTA) chairman Vicky Wong;Asia Distribution senior vice president Erlina Suharjono and Warner Bros. Pictures International’s Avenant Tang; and Broadway Circuit and AMC Cinema operations manager Jazz Lung.

"The arrest of this camcorder sends a strong message to anyone tempted to come to Hong Kong cinemas to steal movies. Our staff is alert and has received excellent training from Sam Ho’s IFACT-GC team. We also have the full support and professionalism of the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. So I would advise all patrons to come and enjoy a movie but leave your cameras and/or recording devices at home,” said Wong.

"This case is the result of outstanding cooperation between the Motion Picture Association and the HKTA’s member companies, and the training and outreach efforts that have been undertaken over the past year. The message is clear: frontline cinema staff are fully aware and alert to the possibilities of camcording, and anyone found camcording will be arrested and will face criminal charges. We think that such measures are necessary to prevent camcorded movies damaging the movie production and distribution industry,” said Ho.