Cinemark launches new large screen digital format


MUMBAI: Cinemark Holdings, Inc. launched XD3 – the new large screen digital format.

Cinemark has transformed one auditorium at the company’s West Plano, Texas location. The new auditorium offers an innovative entry sequence that invites guests into a complete entertainment environment. Once customers enter they are greeted by an enormous screen that is 70 feet wide, more than 500  seats and a completely redesigned viewing environment.

As guests settle in for the show, they are treated to Cinemark’s Custom JBL Sound System that contains over 30 speakers that produce crisp, clear digital sound. The digital image is delivered by the use of a Doremi server and Barco DP3000 projector with a light output of 30,000 lumens.

"The XD3 format offers Cinemark’s customers an extreme digital experience. We have created an environment that engages all of your senses and pulls you into the movie. Another benefit worth mentioning is that Cinemark will be able to exhibit all movies in this auditorium, including Real D-3D pictures," comments Cinemark CEO Alan Stock.

Cinemark is evaluating and identifying other markets that may be a good fit for the Company’s XD3 large screen digital format. Stock added, "At Cinemark we are always looking for new opportunities to grow our business and provide customers with the highest quality movie-going experience."