Cineville & Ymagis close deal on conversion to D-Cinema


MUMBAI: Cineville and Ymagis have inked a deal to progressively equip the group’s 103 screens with digital cinema.

The first complexes will be equipped as early as first half 2009. Cineville’s ambition is to get all its sites fully equipped as soon as possible. Cineville will also get the required equipment to enable its sites to offer 3D screenings.

Furthermore, Ymagis committed to provide financial and technical solutions to most of the exhibitors belonging to the Cinediffusion booking network. Ymagis will build customized solutions for each member of the network. This side of the agreement will involve 134 screens and 84 theatres.

All exhibitors in contract with Ymagis under this scheme will benefit from the various services developed by the company, under preferential conditions:

– Financial contribution to the a DCI-compliant digital cinema equipment;

– Ymagis TCS, an integrated solution including a cinema central server, content storage capacity, cinema networking solutions and various software tools developed by Ymagis to allow the automation of each cinema;

– Mail service on a dedicated encrypted network to secure KDM deliveries

– Ymaginet, a digital network designed and implemented by Ymagis to allow dematerialized transfer of digital files: ads, trailers and teasers, feature films;

– 7/7 technical support, and a remote technical supervisory control of each projection equipment.

– Access to technical solutions for 3D projection at a reasonable cost;

– QuickDCP, a DCP creation service aimed at informing the audience;

– Ymagis-DCP, an encoding solution embedded in the Ymagis-TCS servers (scheduled to be launched during the second quarter of 2009)