Cliff Richard innovates for download album sale


MUMBAI: EMI Music and The Cliff Richard Organisation announced an innovative pricing model to mark the download release of Cliff’s latest album Love, The Album.


Cliff Richard fans will be able to pre-order the album – which includes special bonus material – from the newly launched, ahead of release on 12 November. Over a period of two weeks, the website will collect download pre-orders for the new release, with the price of the album dropping the more fans place orders. The maximum the consumer will be charged is £7.99, with the figure dropping down to a potential minimum of £3.99. On release of the album all fans will ultimately pay the same, lowest price.


Richard said, “Who’d have thought I’d get a buzz from creative marketing? As artists we face a stark choice. We either keep one step ahead of the technology which is changing our industry so radically – or we throw up our hands and quit. Personally I’m not for quitting!”


EMI Catalogue director Steve Davis added, “Because Cliff’s audience has not previously been big on downloading we feel this initiative will not only encourage them to download the album but also encourage their friends and peers to do the same because the more they do, the cheaper it becomes.”


EMI UK head of digital, sales Graeme Rogan said, “There is little doubt that the digital market place has allowed us to consider more varied and exciting revenue models. At EMI we are continually reviewing our digital routes to market and aren’t afraid to challenge the existing status quo. The fact that Cliff and his team have embraced the ‘price drop’ model just shows that more established artists are willing to experiment with their releases and engage with their fans in more varied and innovative ways.”