Comic Cat Star Dies

Sarasota,FL: Squeaks, the cute, tiny, part calico, part mancoon kitty, who doubled as the Misplaced Comedy Group’s mascot, passed away early Wednesday morning in her home in North Port, Florida. She was 7 years old.

“She was there from the start. We would stay up all night long together, creating scripts and editing comedy bits,” mentions MCG’s founder, Steven Grabo. Squeaks was the brunt of many comedic jokes in her lifetime as a comedic kitty. Also known as The Bulimic Buddha Kitty, Squeaks has been featured on nine comedy CDs, film and videos, various award winning Podcasts, as well as in several live
performances for The Misplaced Comedy Group.

She leaves behind Steve, Bob, Alice, Linda, Mac, Annie, Jan, Jeff and thousands of fans whom she has touched along the way. She will be missed by all.

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