Conax to offer advanced global TV platform with TiVo software


MUMBAI: TiVo Inc and Conax have partnered to offer a next generation DVB set-top box platform for deployment by television operators around the world.

Through this partnership, the companies will put the TiVo® experience, including its revolutionary integration of IP-delivered video into an off-the-shelf package that can be quickly and easily deployed by operators using Conax-certified platforms in Scandinavia, mainland Europe and India, among other geographies.

Conax executive vice president Products & Markets Geir Bjørndal said, "While the European market is ripe for VOD and other interactive services, many operators are stifled by the expensive integration efforts needed to convert roadmaps into reality. TiVo has a phenomenal reputation in the US, not only for inventing the PVR, but for creating the market’s most comprehensive hybrid broadcast/broadband platform. They are the only player that has successfully integrated top-tier content from diverse Internet sources like Netflix, Blockbuster, YouTube, and Amazon VOD along with linear television into a single, vivid user interface already available to consumers in the United States. Our European customers have made clear that they plan to deploy similar capabilities and we can’t imagine a better technology partner than TiVo to help us make it happen, and strengthen our competitive market position."

Bjørndal added that interest in the new solution is already high from key customers connected to TV operations that include security provided by Conax. Integrating TiVo’s software with Conax security solutions will reduce certain hardware costs and also allow for deeper assimilation of security within the new platform.

TiVo Inc.vice president & general manager International Joshua Danovitz said, "Conax has amassed a stellar record for helping its customers quickly launch new services in a variety of environments without major startup complexity. Its broad portfolio of set-top box and pay television partners is testament to the value of this approach. We are very enthusiastic about this new relationship with Conax, particularly because it means operators will soon be able to distribute a highly differentiated, next generation user interface that applies TiVo’s leadership in marrying broadband delivered content with the traditional television experience."

"As TiVo continues to expand its global distribution, we are increasingly focused on teaming with leading players like Conax that make it easier and faster to implement our products while avoiding cumbersome, time consuming approaches that slow our deployment objectives," said TiVo Inc. senior vice president Corporate Development & Strategy Naveen Chopra "Conax’s strategy complements ours in that we share a commitment to reduce time to market and are passionate about the strategic importance of a superior consumer experience."

Conax plans to make the integrated platform of TiVo software and Conax security solution available for commercial deployment in 2011.