Content costs the crucial worry for operators: CASBAA


MUMBAI: A recent survey conducted by CASBAA provides new insight into the issues of most concern for platform operators of cable TV, DTH, IPTV and other forms of video delivery to consumers across the Asia Pacific.

Conducted amongst the 24 members of the CASBAA Operators Group, the seven-question survey provides an indication of the concerns that platforms in the region have.

“The latest Operators Group Survey is an important tool to gauge the prevailing attitudes of the leading platforms across Asia. The survey provides unique insights directly from the decision makers themselves,” said CASBAA CEO Simon Twiston Davies.

The chief findings from the CASBAA Operators Group Survey are as follows:

1) Content costs are the number one concern affecting overall business in 2011 (71.4%) followed by distribution costs and regulatory environment (both 42.9%)

2) 72% of respondents think the market will be better than last year but none believed it would be “the best year ever”

3) Regulatory issues and piracy were identified as the biggest threats to business in 2011

4) Principal business investments over the next 12 months will be on increasing content/channels (66.7%) and expansion/acquisition in current markets (66.7%)

“The Operators Group Survey represents an example of how the Association promotes the interests of its diverse membership as the voice for multichannel TV in Asia. Born out of these findings, CASBAA works to address regulatory and piracy issues with the comprehensive annual Regulating for Growth overview, as well as a dedicated Wireless Access Group to tackle satellite issues and ongoing intellectual property rights lobbying – to name but a few,” added Twiston Davies.