Coppola, Cruise likely to team up

MUMBAI: He hasn’t made a film since The Rainmaker in 1997, but director Francis Ford Coppola is hoping that the Tom Cruise/Wagner led United Artists will snap up his latest effort, Youth Without Youth, says founder Sheeraz Hasan.

Shot in Romania on a budget of $ 5 million, the film is a twist on The Picture of Dorian Grey, in which star Tim Roth plays a 70-year-old man who grows younger and smarter after being struck by lightning.

Alexandra Maria Lara plays the love of his life. Coppola adapted his script from the 1976 novel by religious historian Mircea Eliade.

Sources say Coppola has screened the film over the weekend for distributors, a few of whom have had mixed reactions, but among those interested is United Artists.

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