Craig Ross Jr. to release film on


Mumbai: Director Craig Ross Jr. will be releasing his film The Mannsfield 12 on This is the first movie to be released on a social networking website

Set to turn the technological ties on independent movie distribution forever on 29 September, The Mannsfield 12, which claimed Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 2007 American Black Film Festival, will be released worldwide. The gripping drama details how 12 elite criminals, housed in the high-risk East Wing of a state penitentiary, are faced with crucial choices that test and show who they really are.

According to Ross, a new avenue for releasing movies is long overdue. "Independent films that don’t have theatrical releases need a new business model. The old business model doesn’t benefit the filmmaker at all. It benefits the distributor," Ross said.

Aaron D. Spears, both a star of the movie and a producer, appreciates Ross’ vision to get the work out to the masses in a groundbreaking way.

"The whole internet aspect of generating revenue has been a huge selling point for me. Now we go beyond regional distribution and open ourselves up to the world," Spears said.

This is the seventh film for Ross, also a director of TV shows such as Bones, Cold Case, House M.D., Numbers, Prison Break and Strong Medicine.

The Mannsfield 12 was produced through Ross’ own Asiatic Inc. and Spears’ Henna, LLC. In addition to Spears, the movie also stars Tony Todd, Joe Torry, William Johnson and Thom Barry.

The movie is special because it shows the human spirit. A lot of times we forget the power that each of us has to create what we want. I think this movie is a reminder that no matter how bad our situation is we can create something different simply by changing our minds," Ross said.