CSR brings Bluetooth audio to i.Tech’s Clip D-Radio headset

Mumbai: CSR announced that i.Tech’s stylish Clip D-Radio Bluetooth headset features CSR’s industry leading BlueCore5-Multimedia silicon. The Clip D-Radio is the world’s first stereo headset to support v2.1+EDR of the Bluetooth specification and provides the wireless streaming of high quality audio from a handset, music player or its built in FM radio.
The superior quality stereo Bluetooth headset utilizes CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia with an integrated DSP, offering flexible architecture, and Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology for enhanced echo and noise suppression to provide users with the best audio experience for music or phone calls. CSR’s silicon also ensures iTech’s headset is interoperable with the widest range of Bluetooth devices.
CSR’s multimedia BlueCore products are the only Bluetooth ICs on the market to integrate a high performance DSP. CSR has designed BlueCore5-Multimedia to provide exceptional audio performance for stereo headsets with its CODEC providing 95dB SNR. BlueCore5-Multimedia’s flexible DSP architecture allows designers to add additional features to help boost the performance and functionality of their end designs (such as the FM radio in i.Tech’s Clip D-Radio).
The BlueCore5- Multimedia radio transmits at +8dBm and receives at -90dBm, which eliminates interference when taking a call. Combined with CSR’s proprietary CVC technology for enhanced audio quality, the Clip D-Radio will provide users with crystal clear sound in spite of surrounding noise.

CSR’s compact and highly efficient Bluetooth technology helped i-Tech design a small form factor headset weighing just 21.5g. By incorporating a high quality OLED display, i.Tech’s headset allows users to see who is calling before they answer as well as enabling browsing between FM radio stations.
In addition to displaying missed calls and battery and pairing status updates, the Clip D-Radio includes a dial out function to allow users to store up to ten numbers and let users to setup four favourite radio stations. The Clip D-Radio is also the first Bluetooth headset to feature a three buzzer alert mode to allow users to differentiate between incoming calls and can be recharged easily using a PC USB port.

i.Tech’s Clip D-Radio benefits from CSR’s high performance BlueCore5-Multimedia technology with enhanced data rate (EDR) for lower power consumption. By collaborating with CSR, iTech has achieved up to seven hours of quality audio streaming time, or up to 150 hours whilst on standby for the radio headset. In support of the latest Bluetooth specification v2.1+EDR, the headset is compatible with both A2DP and AVRCP profiles to enable connectivity to a wider variety of music sources whilst maintaining the ability to easily switch between phone calls and stereo music.
CSR senior vice president of wireless audio strategic business unit Anthony Murray commented, "Audio quality and battery life have always been the most important features of a Bluetooth headset. i.Tech’s Clip D-Radio is a stylish compact design that combines both entertainment and communication in a singular package. Combined with our BlueCore5-Multimedia the Clip D-Radio delivers best in class audio performance whilst its low power design enables long standby and talk times."
I i.Tech executive director Stephen Ngan commented, "In designing the Clip D-Radio, it was imperative that the wireless audio quality was of an exceptionally high standard. As leader of the Bluetooth market, CSR was an obvious choice for us and has enabled us to offer our customers a headset that benefits from remarkable design and superior functionality."