Dailymotion launches video entertainment site


MUMBAI: Independent video sharing site Dailymotion has launched a US version of the site. The localised US portal to Dailymotion delivers the highest-quality online video entertainment experience, with premium-level programming and video streaming and viewing technology. The US site also launches with the MotionMaker program that identifies and rewards outstanding contributors to the Dailymotion creative community.


Dailymotion’s US launch is accompanied by planned implementation of monetisation strategies for both content partners and for Dailymotion. These monetisation programs for content partners, which will include banner and innovative forms of in-video advertising, enable even the most global of advertisers to reach consumers at the most local level. Advertisers will be able to reach one of the largest online audiences through the use of contextual in-stream ads as well as via niche and behavioral targeting through channels. Revenue sharing agreements are available to media companies as well as individual content creators through the MotionMaker program.


“Dailymotion’s mission is to create an online video entertainment and distribution company that will bring substantial revenues to content owners while still protecting the rights of creators. At the same time, we will be taking the lead in nurturing an independent online creative community through our Motionmaker Program. We welcome the online community to join the creative revolution with us,” said Dailymotion co-founder and CEO Benjamin Bejbaum.