Dallas cops arrest two in film piracy scam


MUMBAI: The Dallas Police Department recently arrested two persons at Big T’s Bazaar, a known haven for counterfeit goods, and recovered more than 2,000 bootleg DVDs including movies still in theaters such as Shrek 3 and Ocean’s 13.

The duo was arrested on charges of copyright infringement as well as narcotics possession.

“Movie piracy, which is prevalent in cities and towns all around the country, takes a major toll on the film industry and reduces the economic benefits the industry brings in jobs and revenue,” says Motion Picture Association of America Inc (MPAA) Director of US Anti-Piracy Operations Mike Robinson, “I commend the Dallas police for their work today. We will continue to work with law enforcement around the country to help limit the number of illegal movies available on the streets.”

The replication and distribution of illegal DVDs is highly lucrative and in many cases criminal networks use pirated DVD sales to support other kinds of criminal activity. When people buy counterfeit DVDs they are often also supporting criminals involved in a host of other illegal activities such as narcotics or illegal gun sales, gang activity and more. The investigation which led to today’s enforcement actions was conducted by the Dallas Police Department’s Southwest Interactive Community Policing Unit in conjunction with the MPAA.