Delivery Agent inks deal with Fox Licensing & Merchandising


MUMBAI: Delivery Agent, Inc has signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising. Under the terms of the deal, Delivery Agent will work with Fox’s top-rated programming to create highly interactive commerce environments that engage consumers and products in order to further monetize Fox’s entertainment content.
Once activated, consumers visiting can expect to find a fully immersive environment with the products seen on or related to all Fox shows immediately after the shows air on television and online. Through search, exploration and Delivery Agent’s unique Shopisode video application, consumers will be able to experience hundreds of new SeenON! and related products on a weekly basis. At the same time, brands will be able to fully integrate into the Delivery Agent-powered environment in order to reach a highly engaged consumer.
Delivery Agent, in partnership with Fox Licensing, will deploy its platform against the full roster of Fox and FX shows, including: 24, Burn Notice, The Simpsons, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, American Dad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, and Rescue Me.
In addition, the comprehensive interactive commerce environment will help to monetize Fox’s theatrical and home entertainment properties, including Marley and Me and other titles from the extensive Fox library.
"We are excited about combining the power and popularity of Fox’s innovative programming with the Delivery Agent platform in order to deliver a robust consumer experience. Having Fox as a partner signifies that shopable entertainment will play a valuable role in the future of content monetization," said Delivery Agent CEO Mike Fitzsimmons.
Fox Licensing and Merchandising executive vice president Elie Dekel added, "Delivery Agent brings a real-time shopping experience to fans of our programming in an easy-to-use and engaging format. This is just another step toward empowering the consumer and monetizing our top brands."