Dell, Universal Music Group team up for per-loaded MP3 music


MUMBAI: Dell and Universal Music Group (UMG) have teamed up to provide an economical way to jump-start a digital music library by pre-loading MP3 bundles on select new systems purchased on For the first time, individuals will now be able to select a variety of optional music bundles to be pre-installed on their new PC, creating highly personalized music collections right out of the box.

As part of this unique offering, Dell and UMG have created 50 and 100-song music bundles starting at $25, each of which includes a curated selection of MP3s for approximately half of current standard per track pricing. As a result, they offer consumers twice the music for their money.

Dell has led the way in helping individuals customize their PCs through color, graphics and configuration options, and now the next level of personalization is available with instantly accessible handpicked content. Through this initiative, Dell and UMG showcase the unique ability to offer instant gratification by delivering pre-loaded content, choice and value to people as soon as they receive their PC.

Pre-installed music bundles are immediately accessible once the PC is turned on, neatly organized under the "Music" icons on the Dell Dock. — no CDs or downloads required.

All pre-loaded music titles come in DRM-free MP3 format making it easy for users to play that content on any software or hardware player of their choice. Dell and UMG plan to expand the Music selection and will refresh offerings on a regular basis.