Desperate Timberlake goes a Brit too much

Desperate Housewives’ star Jesse Metcalfe was shocked when he learned pop star Justin Timberlake tried to pick up his girlfriend, British singer Nadine Coyle, in a London club.

Timberlake recently said in an interview he was considering moving to London because of his love of British girls, even though he has been dating Cameron Diaz for years.
Metcalfe explains, “She was out at some club in London and I guess Justin Timberlake was chatting her up, making some moves and trying to pour her drinks.

“She told him she had a boyfriend, of course, but hey, you know, I wasn’t there so I don’t know the real story.” Although Metcalfe was stunned by Timberlake’s actions he claims he tries to look at the positive side of the situation.

He adds, “At least she’s getting hit on by Justin Timberlake! That makes me feel good!”

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