Discovery channel cracks the Da Vinci Code

With the highly anticipated movie The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks scheduled for release on 19 May across India, Discovery aired a special Da Vinci Declassified on 14 May at 8 pm.

The special looked into the facts and presented a new look new look into the controversy that has captivated millions across the world. Dan Brown’s bestseller upon which the film is based explores the theory that Jesus had an affair with Mary Magdelene and had children by her.

Discovery took viewers on a journey through two thousand years of European history and art, going on location throughout Europe to unravel intricate clues about the Priory.

Drawing on the expertise of historians, art specialists, scientists, mathematicians and actual representatives of the novel’s other famous secret society, Opus Dei, the special goes to great lengths to separate truth from fiction.

From building an actual Cryptex (a device used in the book to hide and potentially destroy secret documents) to unraveling hidden messages allegedly encoded into famous works of art by Da Vinci and possibly even more controversial, Jean Cocteau.

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