Disney Interactive Studios releases Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell for Nintendo DS


Mumbai: Disney Interactive Studios has announced the release of Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell for Nintendo DS™. The game expands on Tinker Bell’s adventures in the all-new movie Tinker Bell from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment available now on Disney DVD and Blu-ray® Hi-Def and connects with the recently launched Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow (www.PixieHollow.com) virtual world from Disney Online.

Players will be able to see environments and characters that are featured in the movie while playing the game, and also use codes found in-game to unlock items in the virtual world.

"Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell introduces girls to countless hours of original gameplay that is unmatched in quality and design," said Disney Interactive Studios senior vice president global marketing Craig Relyea. "Along with other Disney Fairies properties launching in the same timeframe, the game represents the growth of a beloved franchise for the company which is sure to be very popular with kids and grown-ups alike."

In Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell for the Nintendo DS, players can use their stylus to fly around the always-changing world of Pixie Hollow as Tinker Bell. Players can also fully customize Tinker Bell’s wardrobe.

As Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell utilizes the DS real-time clock, Pixie Hollow changes with the time of day and the season. Players will witness their birthdays being celebrated, fireflies glowing at night, and their Fairy friends in costume at Halloween. Special items hidden throughout Pixie Hollow contain secret codes which can be used to unlock items in the virtual world on PixieHollow.com, where players can log in, create their own personalized Fairy and help bring about the change of seasons through meeting friends, playing games and collecting items in nature.

Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell also includes access to DGamer, the all new online community exclusively for Disney gamers. Players can create unique 3-D avatars, chat with friends, swap accessories, earn in-game honors and unlock exclusive Disney items during gameplay.