Disney launches Toy Story 3 app for iPhone & iPod touch


MUMBAI: Disney Interactive Media Group has made available Toy Story 3 for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

Disney’s first franchise portal on the iPhone, the Toy Story 3 app is free to download and lets fans play, personalize and stay connected to the Toy Story characters, stories and happenings through both free and premium content that can be purchased within the app, ranging in price from $.99 to $3.99.

Toy Story 3 is the first Disney app to feature a collectability component where users are rewarded for exploring, playing and purchasing new apps with collectable, Toy Story-themed, virtual Pins. The app also features cross over with the Mac version of Toy Story 3: The Video Game in which players can use the Toy Story 3 app on their iPhone or iPod touch to control their gaming experience. Disney also plans to update the app with new features throughout 2010 and beyond.

"The success of the Toy Story franchise and its massive following really lent itself to creating an experience on the iPhone that extends well beyond just a single game tied to the movie release. We want fans to have the opportunity to experience the beloved Toy Story characters through games, sounds and personalization timed with the movie launch and beyond," said Disney Interactive Studios director of marketing Stephen Saiz.

For fans looking for more Toy Story-themed content, Disney has also updated the Toy Story Mania! app to include a new pin collecting feature. Available in iTunes for $4.99, the app is inspired by the Toy Story Mania! Attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, and allows players to test their skills in some zany and fun carnival games.

Disney*Pixar’s animated film Toy Story 3 will release theatrically on 18 June, 2010.