Disney to distribute Gibson’s latest film

Despite his recent troubles and controversy, Disney has confirmed it will distribute Mel Gibson’s newest film, Apocolypto. Gibson’s troubles began when he was arrested for driving under the influence of alchohol on July 27.

He reportedly made sexist comments about a female officer, and anti-Semitic remarks. Since the events, actors in Hollywood are divided on how they feel about the actor. Some, like Barbara Walters, have said publicly they will not see another Gibson film. Others, like Patrick Swayze, have come to the defense of the actor.

Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto focuses on the roots of civilisation back in the time of the Ancient Greeks. Gibson’s last film as a Producer-Director was the controversial, The Passion of The Christ which raked in $ 600 million worldwide. Despite the fact the Disney will still distribute his latest film, the company has decided not to do a television movie about the Holocaust with Gibson’s company, Icon Productions.

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