Disney uses Realscan 3D for Book of Secrets


MUMBAI: Realscan 3D, a Los Angeles-based effects company specializing in solutions in high resolution, high color structured light 3-D scanning, recently overcame a number of challenges to deliver high-quality scans used in the production of Walt Disney Pictures’ new film National Treasure: Book of Secrets, now in theatres. For the film, Realscan was charged with digitizing several scale set models and various set pieces used as digital doubles throughout the film. Realscan’s proprietary hardware and ability to quickly scan objects in diverse locations allowed them to deliver the doubles on time and on budget to Asylum Visual Effects.
Early on, Realscan needed to acquire the scale model of the City of Gold for the production’s art department. The scale model was too fragile to be transported and too large and cumbersome for acquisition by a traditional VFX 3D scanning system. By utilizing Realscan’s RealCapture NexGen 3D scanning technology the production was able to digitize the detailed scale model with ease at their location without needing to move the fragile asset. The Realscan model was then scaled up and used to cut the forms for full-scale set pieces and visual effects backgrounds.
Disney also benefited from Realscan’s ability to quickly acquire additional set pieces including a digital double of a golden idol. Realscan employed their RealCapture NexGen technology to scan the idol at a moment’s notice and delivered a visual effects-ready model in record time. This eliminated the need to model the asset from photographs, a method that is time consuming and produces varied results. By employing RealCapture NexGen the digital VFX model was ready for render and identical to the idol that was captured in practical photography, saving the production time and money. The results of Realscan 3D’s work can be seen in theatres. 
Realscan 3D has created digital doubles for a wide variety of clients, including Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ National Treasure and Deja Vu, Walt Disney Pictures’ Underdog and South of the Border, Universal Television’s House, FOX Television’s American Idol, Nike, Nintendo, Gatorade, and Wal-Mart.