Disney-Pixar’s Cars DVD in stores

MUMBAI: Holiday DVD viewing will be revved up with more horsepower this year, thanks to the release of the Disney-Pixar animated hit Cars, which makes its DVD debut in stores this week.


Also making her holiday homecoming will be “Sally Carrera,” the movie’s leading lady that was modeled on Porsche’s flagship sports car, the venerable 911. Sally Carrera is the only modern, production-based car with a leading role in this film.


Cars is a musically-charged, comedy-adventure box office favorite about a hotshot rookie race car who, with a fun cast of car-acters, goes on the ride of his life. Cars takes audiences of all ages on an incredible adventure that blends a heartfelt story, great music and breathtaking animation. Disney- Pixar’s brilliant use of Sally Carrera as the “sassy blue Porsche” made her one of the most popular characters in the hit movie, and a top one with parents who saw Sally as a strong and positive role model.


Cars is one of the rare movies that can be enjoyed by the entire family and gives parents, especially fathers, the ability to interact with children in a meaningful way. “This incredible movie helped Porsche reach a much broader audience than any other product placement in our history, which is saying a lot considering how many Porsches have appeared on the silver screen. This is a softer image for Porsche,” said Porsche Cars North America’s president and CEO Peter Schwarzenbauer.


Porsche’s involvement in the film was not a case of corporate product placement. Rather, the model’s attributes of high-performance, style, and sophistication, led the film’s creators to cast Sally as a Porsche in the most technologically advanced animated film of its time.


The movie has given Porsche extensive exposure around the world, especially among women and children who might not otherwise be exposed to the Porsche brand. With more than 30 million people enjoying the film during its theatrical release, Porsche’s involvement with the film has been a unique opportunity to reach a wide family audience that includes today’s car lovers and tomorrow’s aspiring ones.


“We’ve been thrilled to be a part of this wonderful Disney-Pixar adventure, and are excited that a whole new audience will be able to experience it as a DVD. Beyond being a great movie for the whole family, this film also shares a common connection with Porsche, highlighting the pure pleasure of driving. Life truly is about the journey, not the finish line,” adds Schwarzenbauer.


Loaded with a full tank of electrifying DVD bonus features, the Cars DVD debut includes an exclusive all new animated short “Mater and The Ghostlight,” and Pixar’s Academy Award- nominated “One Man Band” (Best Animated Short 2005). Revving up and rounding out the Cars DVD bonus features is the fascinating behind-the-scenes “Inspiration for Cars,” an exciting journey with director John Lasseter that explores how the story of Cars was born, as well as deleted scenes and a special sneak peek at the next Disney-Pixar feature Ratatouille.


Available in separate widescreen and fullscreen editions from November, 2006, Cars is priced at $29.99 from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

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