DLP Cinema tech. crosses 5000 screens


MUMBAI: Texas Instruments announced that its DLP Cinema technology has surpassed the 5,000 screen milestone on a path to doubling that next year. There are 5,260 DLP Cinema enabled theatres installed across the globe, an increase of 140 per cent from the same period one year ago.

The pristine picture quality and ideal combination of contrast, color and brightness created by DLP Cinema allowed DLP Cinema technology to quickly become the industry standard. DLP Cinema technology is deployed throughout 99 per cent of the digital cinema market and is in every continent in the world except Antarctica. DLP Cinema expects to surpass 5,500 screens by mid November, 2007 and 10,000 screens by the end of 2008.

In today’s highly competitive commercial theatrical market, DLP Cinema, the authority in digital cinema projection and imaging, is making it more economical for theatres to show both 2D and 3D feature presentations using the only proven single projector solution, as compared to other emerging and commercially unproven formats. DLP Cinema projectors are at the heart of 3-D feature presentations and 3-D movies have grown rapidly through 2007 to become a key catalyst in the expansion of DLP Cinema systems in the US. 300 additional DLP Cinema projectors are expected to be fitted with 3-D capability in anticipation of the November release of Beowulf from Paramount Pictures, bringing the total 3-D equipped movie screens in the US to 1,000.

“DLP Cinema continues to be the driving force behind digital cinema. As companies like Real D and Dolby continue to push 3-D developments on DLP projection technology, DLP Cinema installations are surging to deliver the world’s most engaging movie theatre experience,” said DLP Cinema Products Group business manager Nancy Fares.

“DLP Cinema is a bulletproof projection technology. We selected DLP Cinema due to its proven reliability and picture quality as well as the film-like presentation. We count on our partners, including DLP Cinema, to help us exceed our goal of delivering a superior cinema experience,” said Carmike Cinemas president and CEO Michael W. Patrick.