Dolby 3D Digital Cinema expands global presence


Mumbai: Dolby Laboratories announced the growth of Dolby 3D Digital Cinema worldwide at Cinema Expo 2008. With sales and commitments to equipment distributors in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Dolby continues to transform theatrical experiences.

"Momentum for the Dolby 3D system is growing, as exhibitors around the world are seeing the immediate benefits of our digital 3D solution," said Dolby Laboratories vice president international cinema sales Peter Seagger. "Not only does our high-quality system create an incredible movie going experience for customers, but it’s also easy for exhibitors to integrate in their theatres."

The majority of Dolby 3D sales commitments around the world are expected to be operational in time for this summer’s exciting digital 3D releases including New Line’s Journey 3D and nWave Picture’s Fly Me to the Moon.

"The future of 3D cinema depends on the ability of filmmakers and exhibitors to deliver high-quality cinema experiences to audiences, and Dolby 3D Digital Cinema enables us to fulfill this mission," said Fly Me to the Moon director Ben Stasson.