Dolby Axon gets 3D voice technology to online games


MUMBAI: Dolby Laboratories, Inc. adopted Dolby Axon, its 3D voice communication platform, in two upcoming online games.

Jumpgate Evolution, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game by NetDevil, and Mission Against Terror, an online first-person shooter (FPS) game by Kingsoft, will allow their players to experience an entirely new level of immersion in game play with Dolby’s Axon voice technology.

"Dolby Axon offers us the highest quality 3D voice communication system available for our title. Dolby is a leader in audio that has shown a commitment to improving the voice chat experience in online games. It is cost-effective and we are excited at the great new game play experience Dolby Axon will offer our users," said NetDevil producer Hermann Peterscheck.

"The audio quality of Dolby Axon is unmatched and its creative API has brought a whole new dimension to voice in Mission Against Terror. The integration was rapid and the support provided by the team of Dolby engineers second to none," said Mission Against Terror Project director Wang Dachuan.

"Whether it’s engaging in intergalactic dogfights or executing military missions, Dolby Axon enables players to better coordinate with their teammates. We’re pleased to have worked so closely with NetDevil and Kingsoft in making it possible for them to offer an incredible 3D voice experience in their respective games,” said Dolby Laboratories senior marketing manager for games Matt Tullis.