Dolby expands footprint of digital 3D tech


MUMBAI: Dolby Laboratories, Inc. announced a diverse array of exhibitors from both large and independent chains have selected Dolby 3D Digital Cinema technology to deploy on screens worldwide. This marks a significant step in Dolby’s strategy to grow its digital 3D global footprint.

A number of key exhibitors will be installing the first Dolby 3D Digital Cinema systems in locations throughout the world, including Carousel Cinemas, Cinema City, Cinetopia, Cobb Theatres, Kerasotes Theatres, Malco Theatres, Marcus Theatres, Maya Cinemas, Megaplex Theatres, Starlight Cinemas, Sundance Cinemas, Warren Theatres, Kinepolis Group of Belgium, and Supercines of Ecuador. Dolby plans to continue installing its solution on additional screens in time for Paramount Pictures’ Beowulf, opening in several territories beginning 16 November, 2007.

“With the approaching release of Beowulf, Dolby is committed to installing as many Dolby 3D systems as possible. The response from exhibitors around the world has been very promising. We are delighted that Dolby is offering new technology to theaters that is highly valued by cinemagoers and continues to enhance the moviegoing experience,” said Dolby Laboratories executive vice president, products and technology Tim Partridge.

Dolby’s 3D solution offers exhibitors an easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution:

* The Dolby 3D technology utilizes standard white screens already in auditoriums, so exhibitors don’t have the added costs nor the image-quality compromise associated with the use of a “silver screen,” delivering a great 3D experience from every seat in the auditorium.
* The Dolby 3D Digital Cinema system supports both 3D and 2D presentations, without the need for dedicated 3D auditoriums, by adding a retractable color filter wheel accessory to the digital projector.
* Exhibitors can move a 3D movie to additional auditoriums equipped with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema systems later in the run using the standard screens.

“The Dolby 3D solution gives Malco flexibility in our theatre to present both 3D and 2D digital movies, and we are thrilled to have it installed in time for Beowulf. Malco experienced tremendous success with the Dolby 3D beta trial back in March. We believe that digital 3D movies are going to bring new patrons to our theatres, and we are excited to have Dolby provide us with the latest technology to meet this growing consumer demand,” said Malco Theatres vice president, engineering Mike Thomson.

The Dolby 3D Digital Light ProcessingTM (DLP) projector retrofit kit includes an easily installed full-spectrum color filter wheel based on technology licensed from INFITEC that provides realistic color and extremely sharp images. The kit also includes a Dolby DFC100 Digital Filter Controller that automatically synchronizes the filter wheel with 3D digital content as it is projected.

Sold separately, the Dolby 3D glasses are extremely durable, lightweight, high-performance devices designed to be used hundreds of times. Initially, 3D glasses will be reusable, eliminating the need to reorder glasses and minimizing environmental impact. Because they are reusable, the expected per-ticket cost of the glasses is well below the current cost of disposable 3D glasses.