Dolby makes D-Cinema breakthrough in China

MUMBAI: The China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology (CRIFST) has selected the Dolby SCC2000 Secure Content Creator, a scalable mastering solution for JPEG 2000 digital cinema compression, encoding, packaging, and encryption, for its facilities.


The organization has also ordered a JPEG 2000 compatible Dolby Digital Cinema playback system for its facilities, to be supplied by local Dolby product distributor ACE.


CRIFST, the Beijing-based organization in charge of research and standardization of motion picture technologies in China, will be installing the equipment at its digital cinema mastering facility in order to research and test digital cinema standards. Now able to comply with the emerging JPEG format specified by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), CRIFST is well suited to evaluate the standards that will provide the highest levels of quality, security, and interoperability in China. Deployments in China have previously utilized the MPEG format.


“Dolby’s Secure Content Creator gives CRIFST an edge in following international digital cinema standards, as CRIFST is responsible for testing these standards for China. Cooperation with a trusted company like Dolby is very important for CRIFST to deliver correct messaging and guidelines for the Chinese film industry,” said CRIFST president Yang Xuepei.


The Dolby SCC2000 will be supplied to CRIFST as part of an overall package complete with ongoing support and training.


The Dolby SCC2000 features many of the same tools used by the Dolby Production Services Group to master digital cinema titles for major Hollywood and international studios.


“Dolby is working hard to help establish a single set of international open standards for digital cinema that provide the highest levels of quality and security to ensure worldwide interoperability. CRIFST’s selection of the Dolby SCC2000 system demonstrates their commitment to the JPEG 2000 format and their confidence in Dolby to supply the tools to deliver it,” said Dolby Laboratories senior vice president and general manager, professional division, Tim Partridge.


As studios release more digital content in the JPEG 2000 format, postproduction and digital intermediate (DI) facilities want to be equipped with the proper mastering resources to create digital movie files for distribution to cinemas. The Dolby SCC2000 addresses the emerging industry standards, including the JPEG 2000 image format.


The Dolby SCC2000 offers a complete set of tools needed to take a Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) and quickly produce final digital cinema distribution files, known as Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), for easy distribution to cinemas via satellite, fiber, or physical media.


A scalable solution for all digital cinema content, the Dolby SCC2000 is designed to work as a stand-alone unit or integrated into current postproduction and DI systems, enabling efficient 2K and 4K JPEG 2000 encoding. The option for generating secure keys offers key delivery message (KDM) creation and management via the Cosmos digital cinema database, operated by Dolby content-protection subsidiary Cinea.


In addition, the Dolby SCC2000’s clear and simple graphical user interface has proven to provide reliable performance in real-world use at Dolby mastering facilities.

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