Doremi Cinema secures large-scale D-Cinema rollout for Marcus Theaters


MUMBAI: Doremi Cinema has inked an agreement with Marcus Theaters to deploy integrated media blocks (IMB) / ShowVaults in approximately 570 first-run screens at nearly 50 locations. When completed, state-of-the-art digital projection technology will be offered at most screens operated by Marcus Theaters. Installation of the first systems is expected to begin in August 2011, with the balance scheduled to be completed by the end of calendar 2011.  
Doremi Cinema will provide the digital Integrated Media Block (IMB)/ShowVault solution upgradable to 48 frames per second as well as 4K playback resolution. CaptiView “personal” captioning systems and Fidelio wireless audio delivery systems for the hearing and visually impaired will be equipped throughout the screens.
“We have assured that our guests can experience the visual presentations digital cinema offers. The advantages for our guests will be brighter and better focused images and a clear and steady picture with vibrant colors, whether they see a picture on its first showing or in its last week of exhibition,” said Marcus Theaters President Bruce J. Olson.  
“The installation of this new digital technology will give us the flexibility to schedule not just major Hollywood motion pictures, but more 2D and 3D presentations of live and recorded non-film programming such as sporting events, music, Broadway plays and many more offerings in all of our markets,” added Olson.

Olson explained the rollout of digital cinema will also provide Marcus Theaters with the opportunity to increase the number of 3D screens the company will offer in the future.