Dotasia & Ifact-Gc to promote online protection against movie piracy

Mumbai: The DotAsia Organisation (DotAsia) and the International Federation Against Copyright Theft – Greater China (IFACT-GC) representing the Motion Picture Association (MPA) in Hong Kong, are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a cooperative mechanism for the online protection of movies.  The signing took place at the ISP Symposium 2008 being held at the Hotel Royal Macau 22 -23 May.

One of the main features of this MOU is that DotAsia and IFACT-GC will work together to develop an administrative suspension procedure to tackle gross infringement activities at any registered .Asia domain name to protect the legal rights and interests of the copyright owners and stop unauthorized cross-border transfer of movies and video recordings.  Another key feature will be joint efforts by DotAsia and IFACT-GC to promote the proactive adoption of the .Asia domain by, and educational programs for, the creative industries around Asia.

"The partnership with IFACT-GC demonstrates our continued commitment towards a strong foundation of growth for .Asia.  Not only will we be contributing towards curbing online copyright infringement and piracy, DotAsia will gain a strong partner to promote positive usage of the .Asia domain in the movie industry around Asia," said DotAsia CEO Edmon Chung.

"The signing of this MOU with DotAsia marks an important historical milestone for cooperation between the entertainment industry and the Internet community.  We want to set a new benchmark for industry-led efforts to tackle the cross border challenges presented by cyberspace," added IFACT-GC executive director and general manager Sam Ho.  "Our joint efforts will work to discourage piracy on .Asia domains and promote positive value by encouraging the proactive adoption of .Asia domain names by the industry."

The ISP Symposium is organized by IFACT-GC and Macau Customs to strengthen the cooperation between government, copyright and IT industry and is focused on tackling cybercrime. Over 40 participants are attending this 2 day event.