DreamVision Raises the stakes in Motion Picture Animation


Mumbai: On the heels of a record breaking U.S. summer box office totalling more than $3.9 billion, all eyes are fixed upon the Florida based studio that has been capturing the interest of industry insiders for the past several years.

"DreamVision Animation LLC", the CGI core of DreamVision motion pictures, has commenced initial production on one of the most valued properties within the market structure. The DreamVision full length animated musical Anna is based upon the actual events documented in the acclaimed book Unshakable. The motion picture will feature the proprietary and highly protected DreamVision CGI animation technical methodology, nearly 10 years in development, which has opened a door to dramatically change the landscape of the film animation market. Described as a return to the "emotional foundation" forged by the early works of Disney, the DreamVision CGI animation process defines the brand as a clear and extremely valuable niche within the genre.

In a recent interview, DreamVision Animation chairman Rick Silanskas described the entire IP as "strategically developed to insure optimum placement of the DreamVision family brand." The entire property also includes the production of the live action mystery/thriller Unshakable based on the book by Paula Felps. This initial release has been carefully positioned within the structure leading to the world wide infusion of the Anna animated musical film. DreamVision has also confirmed the production of an original 2D animated television series introducing the Anna character to the market prior to the motion picture release. The new series will feature yet another creative niche designed by DreamVision to enhance the children’s television genre with expansive production values and musical production.

With the entire Unshakable/Anna property cleared for full domestic and international distribution inclusive of intensive licensing/marketing core elements, it is clear that DreamVision is an entity that is poised to mark new territory and possibly re-invent a genre that has surely been seeking what they are offering.