DTS installs FilmStore players at Harrisburg Mall


MUMBAI: DTS Digital Cinema has announced the installation of its FilmStore Digital Cinema Player on twelve theatre screens at the Great Escape 14 Theatres in the Harrisburg Mall, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Part of the DTS FilmStore Content Management System, the digital cinema server is one of several innovations from DTS Digital Cinema designed to support the build-out and operation of a fully digital cinema environment. The technology was developed in line with DTS’ singular focus of supporting all elements of the motion picture industry’s transition to digital cinema.

Harrisburg Mall has recently carried out a series of major changes and the Great Escape 14 Theatres has undergone dramatic renovation. In line with the upgrade, Great Escape Theatres recognized the importance of including digital cinema solutions on its screens in order to remain competitive as the digital cinema evolution continues. It contracted DTS Digital Cinema to provide the necessary technology.
The installation began on 17 December, 2007 and was completed less than 48 hours later by the DTS Digital Cinema installation team with the assistance of the chosen integrator, Digeserv, and a group of Great Escape Theatres staff. Once the conversion was complete, the Great Escape Theatres were immediately able to exhibit digital content.
"DTS is a company that understands our business objectives and delivers superior products that are easy to install and operate and that do not fail," said Great Escape Theatres COO Chance Ragains. "They are genuinely interested in the success of our business and we are proud to call them our partner."

The FilmStore Digital Cinema Player has fully configurable storage — typically starting at 1.5 terabytes, allowing many combinations of 4K or 2K features plus trailers, advertising and other content. Designed for rugged operation in a 24/7 environment, the FilmStore player can be used as a standalone digital cinema player for a single screen, or in a multiplex configuration when used with FilmStore CentralTM.
"Digeserv is proud of the work we accomplished with DTS Digital Cinema at Great Escape Theatres — bringing their first state-of-the-art digital megaplex to the industry," said Digeserv president and CEO Larry Jacobson. "Great Escape Theatres has established a leadership role in their market with the introduction of this all-digital complex using the FilmStore Digital Cinema Player and Digeserv is honored to be a part of it."
"We were thrilled to work side-by-side with both Digeserv and the Great Escape Theatres team," said DTS Digital Cinema senior vice president, corporate strategy and business development Don Bird. "Everyone involved was extremely professional and the collaboration resulted in a quick and successful conversion. DTS Digital Cinema is excited that Great Escape Theatres have made the transition to digital cinema. We hope that the switch to digital will increase new business opportunities and assist Great Escape Theatres in driving more customers into its theatres."